The Main Causes Of Home Water Damage

Posted by Sam Vincent on 01:37 AM, 28-Mar-16

Have you ever had water damage in your home? For some people, the damages caused by natural means, whereas others it is directly related to the plumbing. This damage can lead to other problems other than saturated carpet and floor boards including dry rot and the development of mold. There are a couple of primary causes of home water damage that typically occur, resulting in the difficulties that people must deal with after the floodwaters have gone. Here is an overview of what causes water damage in most cases within the household, and what you need to do when this occurs.

Broken Water Mains

If you live in a very cold region, especially during the wintertime, it is possible that your pipes can freeze. This can lead to cracks developing and the pipes, and when the weather gets warmer, the cracks will allow the water to flow into your household. This can be very detrimental, especially if you do not know how to turn off the water main for several minutes while the water is coming into your home. There is another type of flood damage that can be even worse which has to do with raw sewage.

Backed Up Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank that has not been emptied for many years, it is possible that you may have it overflow into your household. If you flush the toilet, it can spread on the floor, or it can even come out of your and sinks. To resolve this problem, you will have to have a company come out that can clean the septic, removing the excess that is causing it to backup. This will require many different chemicals to eliminate bacteria, mold and even viruses that can form as a result of this problem.

Other ways that lighting can occur include heavy rain storms, or even hurricanes, that can last for several hours, bringing the water directly into your house. In order to resolve all of these issues, you either need to turn off the water main, prevent additional sewage from backing up into the house, or simply wait for the rains to stop so that you can have professionals come out to your location to deal with the aftermath of these most common causes of home water damage. Once the water restoration people have come, and you have had a mold inspector do their job, you should be able to get everything back to normal as it was before the flooding occurred.

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